Tandoori N Curry Specialty


Curries Special


$ 1.50

Papadum (2 pc.)

Paper crusted crispy lentil crackers

$ 1.00

Chicken Korma

Traditional dish cooked with blend of exotic herbs and selected spices.

$ 7.99

Achari Chicken

Pickle flavour chicken with green chili,herbs & spices

$ 8.99

Chicken Kofta

Chicken meatball made aromatic with touch of exotic spices.

$ 8.99

Saag Chicken

A delectable combination of fresh spinach cooked in traditional, blend of chicken curry.

$ 8.99

Chicken Tikka Masala

Boneless chicken tandoori barbecued in a clay oven, then cooked in a very special curry sauce with selected herbs & spices.

$ 8.99

Butter Chicken

Boneless tandoori chicken barbecued in a clay oven, cooked in a very creamy sauce.

$ 9.50

Chicken Jalferezi

Boneless chicken made with onions, tomato & bell pepper.

$ 8.99

Bhuna Gosht

Medium hot lamb or goat cooked with a hint of garlic and ginger over a bed of onions and special spices.

$ 9.50

Achari Gosht

Pickle flavour goat or lamb with green chili, herbs & spices

$ 9.99

Saag Gosht

Spinach cooked with goat or lamb with herbs & spices

$ 9.99


A very special traditional boneless beef shank cooked with selected spices.

$ 9.99