Tandoori N Curry Specialty


Vegetable Special

Aloo Keema

Ground beef and potatoes cooked with onion, tomatoes and selected spices.

$ 8.99

Haleem (Chicken)

Combination of lentils and barley, mixed with chicken cooked in a selection of delicious spices.

$ 7.99

Daal Masala (Yellow)

Lentil delicately tempered and seasoned with selected spices.

$ 6.99

Daal Makhani

Creamed lentils

$ 6.99

Chana Masala

Chick peas delicately cooked with selected exotic spices

$ 6.99

Navratan Korma

Vegetables cooked in creamy sauce

$ 6.99

Mixed Vegetables

Vegetables cooked with special spices

$ 6.50

Baingan Bharta

Roasted eggplant cooked with onion & spices

$ 6.99

Palak Aloo

Potatoes cooked with spinach

$ 6.99

Palak Paneer

Delightful ragout of homemade cheese, Cooked with spinach, cinnamon & spices.

$ 7.99

Okra (Lady Finger)

Delicious okra cooked with onions, tomatoes & spices.

$ 7.99

Pakoda Kadhi Punjabi

Vegetable friters cooked with yogurt & spices

$ 7.99

Shahi Paneer Masala

Homemade classic paneer cheese simmered in tomato, cream sauce.

$ 7.99

Aloo Kashmiri

Creamy sauce with potato, raisins, almonds & coconut.

$ 7.99

Mirchi Ka Salan

Chili and peanut curry of Hyderabad

$ 7.99